Our Vision

We see ourselves as more than just a housing developer and manufacturer.  Our vision is to create decent housing that is affordable so that people of all ages can live and work in pleasant surroundings.

We are a business founded on three guiding principles and values:     


We want our homes to be affordable to all and we have developed a range of building solutions that do that. 

We manufacture everything from apartments, custom build houses, affordable housing properties, student accommodation and hotels.  All our buildings are mortgageable and insurable and come at a range of different price points.  Because our volumetric modular system is so flexible, our buildings can be any shape or size as long as they are transportable.


Environmentally sustainable

We are proud of our environmental credentials. The Futureform Building System© uses a light gauge steel volumetric, modular method of construction and modules can be any shape or size.  All our construction takes place off site and our modules are then transported to site on completion. The environmental advantages of this system include:

  • Better thermal performance and lower energy use
  • Greater sound insulation
  • Less waste during construction
  • Fewer defects
  • Cheaper than other forms of permanent construction
  • Shorter programme time during construction
  • High level of recyclability



We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of our modular buildings.  Although our construction methods are faster than conventional builds, we do not compromise on quality. 

All our buildings come with a range of industry endorsements from organisations including the Building and Research Establishment (BRE) and they have NHBC and Premier Guarantees.  We also achieve BREEAM Excellent ratings on the acoustics between rooms and dwellings – considerably higher than the industry norm.   


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