Futureform Global is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and developers of offsite volumetric modular homes and commercial buildings.  Our experts work across a range of sectors in the residential and commercial markets to produce high standard, solid, long lasting and low energy buildings with great environmental credentials, in a safe, clean and quiet way. 

Our unique construction method uses cold-formed galvanised steel welded into a monocoque frame, giving every one of our buildings strength and longevity.  In addition, we use a high proportion of recycled material and create a much smaller amount of construction waste than standard build methods.  Because construction takes place almost entirely off site, we can also reduce the build time on site significantly, thereby lessening the impact on the local environment.   From Custom Build homes to hotels and office developments, we can design a building or development that fulfils everyone’s needs in a safe and sustainable way.

Fully mortgageable

Our modules are so flexible that they can be de-mounted and used again.  They come with the reassurance of being fully mortgageable and insurable and we are able to access a number of funding options which are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Eco Friendly

We make sure that the modules we produce use only sustainable, eco-friendly materials and techniques and we also use a high proportion of recycled materials.  That means that we tick all the right boxes when it comes to having a low carbon footprint and, because most of our construction takes place off site, we only produce a tiny amount of material waste compared to conventional builds.

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